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Dating an older woman is not a surprising package anymore, as due to the popularity of online dating apps and websites, cougar dating itself earns the great amount of popularity and many young cubs and older woman are quite interested in sharing sexual relations together. They came close to each other via these online dating websites and you enjoy the best cougar dating relationship together.

However, it is believed that cougar dating is only for fun and typically for those who loves casual dating. But that’s not quite correct. Not all cougar woman are interested in one night stand or a causal relationship like others but are looking for long term relationship and a serious dating partner for them that can pamper them and respect their emotions and personal desires as well.

So, when it comes to cougar dating, it’s quite important for any young cub to know what exactly his dating partner looking for. Is she is only interested in casual dating? Or she is looking for a long term dating relationship with you. So make your moves according to this if you don’t want to lose your date too early. Hera are few tips for cougar dating that will certainly helps you to get the best cougar dating experience. For a successful and enjoyable cougar dating experience, make sure that you know these tips and implement these tips too while dating with a cougar woman.

Here are the tips that you need to know before dating an older woman –

Be confident – when you are dating an older woman, it is more important that you are full of confidence and never be a shy. Being a shy to your dating partner makes her believe that you are not ready to date a cougar woman or might be confused while making out with her. Confident is must when you are on a cougar date, remember that a confident men is sexier and attractive than a shy man. So, if you really make the things favorable for you, it’s best to maintain your confidence and never lose it for anytime in between your cougar date.

Never labeled her – when you are dating an older woman, an appropriate word will use to make this dating popular and is labeled as ‘Cougar’. It’s quite best not to use this word while you are with her. As older woman don’t like to be called as cougar woman.

Age gap – it’s quite true that there is a huge age gap between you and your cougar partner. But it doesn’t mean that you have to remind her that age gap between you and her again and again. Keep avoiding any conversation or topic that has a age factor in it. She knows her age clearly and you don’t have to remind her age and makes her feel that she is getting old.

These are the basic but the most useful cougar dating tips for a newbie. If you too are looking for a cougar date, follow these useful tips. Now find your cougar date on cougar dating apps.


Dating an older woman is a skill and older woman too are looking for a young cub to date and fulfill their sexual fantasies. Approaching an...