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An older woman dating young guys is known as cougar dating. Cougar dating is basically known for fun and bring some entertainment or spice up their life. It is nothing more than a casual dating. There are many older women that are looking for young guys to have fun and fulfill their physical needs. They often called it one night stand. Basically there are two types of cougar dating, one that is only interested in casual dating and interested in fun only. Others are looking for a true companion that will love her and pamper her for the rest of their life.

Older women are always looking for young cubs to date and fulfill their physical needs and in return they will take care of young cubs financial requirements. However, this won’t be happened in every cougar dating. Many guys are quite excited about cougar dating. They believe that cougar women are more attractive and sexy as compared to teen age women. There are many other things that make them to date a cougar woman and always looking for places where they can easily find a cougar women.

It is said that cougar woman are easy to find but quite hard to keep with you. But still there are some guys that are still waiting for their turn to date a cougar women and don’t have any luck till now. They don’t know how to impress a cougar woman and how to find a cougar woman to date.

Here are few but proved places where you can easily find a cougar woman and approach her directly without any fear of getting embarrassed in front of public. Here are the places –

Sex parties – in big cities, these sex parties are common but they are organizing secretly and only the member of these parties will know about these. But if any of your friend or you knows where these parties organized in your city you will surely find a cougar woman over there in these sex parties. Cougar women are rich and love to enjoy so they are always eager to join these parties.

Night clubs and bars – other common place where you can find a cougar woman quite easily is night clubs and bars. These clubs and bars are open for everyone but you have to pay your entry fee. Once you are in, you are all ready to find a cougar date for you. It is believed that many cougar women often visit these night clubs and bars and always looking for young cubs to date with and have fun. So, help them to find you as her dating partner and fulfill your dreams too.

Shopping malls – almost all cougar women loves to do shopping. Cougar women are rich and well enough to spend money in these shopping malls. You can easily find older women doing shopping. When she done and full with shopping bags, give her a helping hand and start your game.


Dating an older woman is a skill and older woman too are looking for a young cub to date and fulfill their sexual fantasies. Approaching an...