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When we talk about cougar dating, there are lots of tips and expert advices available for young cubs that what to do to impress your cougar woman and what not to do while dating an older woman if you want to date her for long term. But the main question is still stand strong and there are very few of us know about this. The main and the most important question is – what exactly an older woman wants from a young cub?

Here are few tips from experts and also from a basic survey from older women will let us know the basic requirements of cougar woman and what exactly an older woman is looking in young cub. Here are few points highlighted here in this article that will clear the doubts about cougar woman and cougar dating.

Having sex is not the only motive behind a cougar date – yes it true that cougar dating is meant for having sex or going intimate but that is not the only thing that a cougar woman is looking from her dating partner. Most cougar woman looking for a long term relationship and for this they want to spend some time with their dating partner. So, keep your patience on high if you didn’t get an invite from her to share a bed with her.

Never be a part of her family if she doesn’t want this from you – it is believed that every cougar has its own family or kids. If she doesn’t want you to introduce with her kids, than it’s quite best to stay away from her kids and never try to be a part or a friend to her kids. If you are still trying to get indulge with her kids and want to be a friend with her kids, this may also ruin a relationship between you too and you might get a rejection from your cougar woman.

But if she herself introduce you to her kids and want to get familiar with them, then its okay and you can enjoy yourself with her kids too and be a supportive hand to her in order to take care of her kids too. If kids like you too and love to spend time with you, it’s a plus for you and you may also have a long term cougar dating relationship with her.

Give her a space – when you are over 40+, you love to spend time alone and never want anyone that will interfere in your personal space. So that happens with a cougar woman. They love to spend time alone. Give her a space so that she can spend with herself.

Cougar woman like a real men and not a childish – be mature as you are dating an older woman, not a teen age girl.

These are few things that every cougar woman must look in any young cub before giving him an opportunity to date her. You can find your cougar date on cougar dating apps.


Dating an older woman is a skill and older woman too are looking for a young cub to date and fulfill their sexual fantasies. Approaching an...