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Are you interested in cougar dating and looking for older woman to date and fulfill your sexual fantasy? If you are looking to date a cougar woman, it’s best to know about your cougar woman first and then make your choice. Dating a cougar woman’s isn’t that easy and you have to be wise in order to date an older woman. Not all older women are same and looking for same thing in dating. Some cougar women do want fun and causal dating. They are only interested in one night stand or having fun for some time. They are not interested in long term relationship or any commitments. But some are interested in long term relationship or a serious dating partner for a long term instead of one night stand of spend some time to have fun with young cub. However, it is always critical to know what kind of cougar woman you are going to date and you never know on your very first date that what she really want from you. So, if you haven’t date any cougar woman before in your entire life, it’s better to take advice from expert before going out for a cougar date.

Here are few things that you need to know before going out for a cougar dating. It’s best to prepare yourself first and implement it in your date in order to impress your cougar woman. Here are few tips that you need to follow if you are looking for a cougar date –

It’s better to buy a gift for her on your first date – first date is always important and you have to make your first date special too. There is a common misconception that cougar women don’t like gifts or surprises. Every woman love surprises and gifts from their dating partner and if you really want to impress her right in your first date.

Don’t disappoint your cougar date – when you are dating a cougar woman, it is your responsibility to make her happy and never disappoint. Other thing you need to take care is – never raise any question about her age, her body wrinkles or her beauty. Some cougar women don’t like to give answers to these questions and might ignore your questions and as well as you too.

Be confident – you must be confident when you are dating a cougar woman. If you are not confident, you won’t deserve a cougar date. Cougar woman never date a man with low confidence. If you really want to date her for a long term, don’t lose your confidence and be calm when you are dating a cougar woman.

Be honest – honest guys are liked by everyone and if you are playing games with your older women dating partner, it’s quite sure that your dating won’t go for long and she may reject you for no any good reason.

Dating a cougar woman is one of the best dating experience that excite every young cub. If cougar date excites you too, it’s better to follow these tips first.


Dating an older woman is a skill and older woman too are looking for a young cub to date and fulfill their sexual fantasies. Approaching an...